Tuesday, September 09, 2008

There's Always A First

I got a call from Nora's daycare provider this morning saying that Nora was throwing up. So I had to leave work around 9 AM to pick her up. When I saw the massive spot where Nora had thrown up, I was appalled. Her daycare provider, Codi, and I wouldn't have been too worried, but she threw up several times and it was ALOT of vomit. So I called the doctor's office and gave them the run down and they said that they thought I'd better bring her in. I took her in and they thought she might possibly be getting a stomach virus or it could be something as simple as her brace being too tight. Regardless, I have to keep her home today to keep an eye on her and to keep her away from the other kids at daycare just in case she does have something. But my mommy instinct tells me this change in weather is giving her a touch of a cold and her sinuses are draining causing her to get sick. She threw up Saturday and Sunday too, so who knows.

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