Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Are You Again?

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.  It has been 2 months since my last blogging". 

When tackling the substantial task of recalling the past two months' events, my brain aches and my eyes cross.  So I shall start from the beginning. 

May was May and went by faster than our dogs run when they think they're going for a ride for ice cream.  June?  Same story.  Here it is, June 30th and we are already staring down the culmination of summer. (Yes, yes, 2 months left...but still).  June 11th Jed and I made the journey to Iowa City with Nora to have her hips checked out again.  She had her usual X-rays done and made it through them like a champ.  I even got her to crack the tiniest of smiles while she was laying on the table.  To the doctor's room we weny to wait.  After reviewing her X-rays, Dr. Dietz arrived in the room to ask us a few questions and to watch Nora walk.  Diagnosis? Stop using the braces (score!) but only because in his studies over the years, they do no good after 18 months of use.  This poor girl has been in braces/casts since she has been two weeks old.  But he also stated that her hips were not improving as much as he would like them to be.  They are improving, but only infinitesimally.  He informed us that he has been working with children with hip dysplasia for over 30 years and she has one of the most severe cases he has ever seen (not a score).  All in all, he told us to go and let her be a kid for a year.  Let her run and fall, play on the swings, fight with her brother and just be your typical 2 year old. We take her back down in December to check hip progress and he will decide next spring/summer if surgery is the next step.  Jed and I both had our parent's intuition clicking away at full speed that day and we just get that gut feeling that surgery is inevitable.  But since it is such an invasive surgery, he needs to wait as long as possible hoping that by some miracle of God (they do happen, really they do) that her hips will begin to correct over this year's time.  Keep the prayers coming because putting Nora through that surgery would break our hearts and spirits, but it is all out of our control.  The only thing we can do now is pray that God will do whatever is in His plan for Nora and that He will make her well.

Our little Archie McPhee is getting to be such a little man!  He is our happy boy.  Although, he our demanding boy :o)  When he wants something, he wants it and he will let you know he wants it.  And not in 1 minute.  Right fricking now.  The day we took Nora to Iowa City for her hip appointment he cut 4 top teeth, all in the same day.  So I guess I can't entirely hold it against him for being a little bit on edge sometimes!  The best medicine for Archer? Take him outside.  Doesn't matter what we do outside just as long as he's outside the confines of whatever building he happens to be in.  He and Nora are both my little nature bugs.  They are most definitely similar to their mommy in that respect.  Lately I have taken to boycotting the indoors unless absolutely necessary (i.e. a swarm of angry bees is making haste aiming directly at my throat, a tornado looms on the horizon, flood waters surge threatening imminent know, the usual).  Wednesday nights Jed plays in a horseshoe league at Flora Park and while he plays, I take the kids to the adjacent park.  I sometimes meet up with a friend and her kids, so it's a nice little playdate for all of us.  And every once in awhile a mutual friend of ours meets up with us, so it's a nice time for me to get some adult time while the kids play and Jed gets some adult time as well.  Wednesdays are our saving grace.

I just scheduled Archer's very first haircut :o( It makes me so sad to think that he's old enough to be getting a haircut.  I asked Jed if I could let him just grow it into cute golden waves and he laughed me right off the stage.  And then after giving it much thought, I realized that it wouldn't be that really cute, curly hair like alot of babies have.  He would just perpetually look like he woke up from a sweaty nap.  Thus the haircut appointment on Thursday.  He's one step ahead of his sister at least.  She still has never had a haircut.

Jed and I have been attending Hope Church since Easter of this year and haven't missed a weekend since.  (Well, Jed missed one weekend, but who's keeping track?).  I have fallen in love.  Never could I have imagined finding a place to feel so welcome and so at home.  Jed and I have struggled with our Christianity as a couple because he was raised Lutheran and I was raised Catholic.  We just couldn't find a common ground with regards to our worshiping.  But thanks to Hope, that has all come to an end.  We can now worship TOGETHER and openly.  I am forever indebted to Hope for everything that they have done for our relationship and our relationships with Jesus.  And the kids love it there.  They go to the daycare while we attend service and Nora (even throughout the week) talks about Jesus and when we put her to bed at night she now prays by herself (with a little bit of guidance, of course!).  Jed and I are attending a 4-week seminar starting in July called Equipping U which we are both really looking forward to.  We are slowing testing the waters of getting more involved with the church and ways in which to enrich our Christian lives.  I just honestly cannot say enough good things about our new church. I am so grateful every single day for having found it.

And tomorrow is July 1st.  Are you reading this correctly?!  JULY 1st!!!  How is it that summer can come and go so fast but winter always seems to hang on like a bad case of the shingles?

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